Whackadoodle Times Two

wt2 coverGreen Snake Publishing is pleased to present Whackadoodle Times Two, the sequel to the popular Whackadoodle Times. Kim has brought back the outrageous Brooke McMurphy—legendary screenwriter of Love and Other Insanities and Beauty and the Zombie—and her entire family and crew.

From the cover:  Following the success of her megahit film Beauty and the Zombie, Hollywood screenwriter Brooke McMurphy’s life once again spirals out of control. In the course of 48 hours, she’s involved in a robbery, juggles multiple blackmailers, gets advice from a freaked out wild seal, and, oh yeah, is up against a deadline for the sequel to the most successful zombie movie of all time. Which she hasn’t started. All while trying to stay sober. Throw in a homegrown natural disaster, and you’ve got the makings for a sure-fire hit sequel any producer would be a fool not to green-light.

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Green Snake Publishing 2015 Catalog

catalog coverDownload our catalog here: Green Snake Publishing 2015 Catalog





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Kim Antieau and Mario Milosevic at Hood River Local Author Fair, October 4

kim&mario:ewIn celebration of Waucoma Bookstore’s 38th anniversary, Green Snake Publishing authors Kim Antieau and Mario Milosevic will be part of the Local Author Fair October 4th, from 1-4:00 at the Hood River Library. There will be plenty of authors to talk with and lots of books to buy. See you there!

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All of Kim Antieau’s E-Book Backlist: $2.99

As a nice summer surprise, Green Snake Publishing has priced all of Kim Antieau’s e-book backlist at $2.99; the short stories are 99 cents. (The backlist is anything over a year old.) And now, through the Kindle Matchbook, if you buy an Amazon print copy of ANY of Kim’s books (that are published through GSP), you can get the e-book for free.


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Certified: Learning to Repair Myself and the World in the Emerald City

Certified_Cover_for_KindleGreen Snake Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Kim Antieau’s new nonfiction book: Certified: Learning to Repair Myself and the World in the Emerald City.  In the spring of 2010, Kim decided to go back to school to acquire some new skills to be more effective in the world. She already had a Master’s degree in the Arts and a Master’s degree in Library Science. She wanted to learn how to help her community in more concrete ways, so she decided to get a graduate certificate in sustainable food systems and permaculture design. She learned a lot more than she bargained for. Here’s from the cover:

What happens when a weary but still dedicated activist and defender of the environment decides to change her tactics and learn a new way?

Acclaimed author Kim Antieau returns to school in Seattle to learn sustainable food systems and permaculture design. She plans to bring her knowledge back to her community and continue the good fight.

But something happens on the way to getting her certificate. She learns about herself, the world, and her place in it. And it’s nothing she ever expected.

Join Kim as she recounts her adventures and misadventures, her hits and misses, her ups and downs, on the road to getting certified.

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Answering the Creative Call

answering the creative call coverGreen Snake Publishing is excited to announce the publication of Answering the Creative Call, Kim Antieau’s wonderful new guide to cultivating the creative life. Part memoir, part how-to, all motivation, this book on creativity is more than a decade in the making. Kim believes everyone is creative, and this book distills her advice on how to nurture that creativity. Kim is a lifelong creativity whisperer, as it were. She has worked as a writer, editor, publisher, permaculturist, photographer, artist, art show curator, public art creator, and more. Her life is all about stepping into the creative flow and going with that flow. In addition, Mario Milosevic has a fabulous chapter on his foolproof writing practice. (Cover art by Nancy Norman.)

From the back cover:

Most of us hear the call to create. We write, cook, paint, make music, garden, or pursue some other creative endeavor. But sometimes our will falters. We lose motivation or become overly critical of our efforts. We abandon our projects or never start them in the first place.

Kim Antieau understands the will to create. She writes books, curates art shows, takes photographs, sculpts clay, and produces public art. In these pages she distills the wisdom of her years spent in creative pursuits.

This inspiring book shows you how to set the stage for your creativity and get your mind right. Kim reveals the secrets of perseverance and cultivating a can-do attitude.

With practical advice on how to get started and how to keep going, this luminous book will enhance all aspects of your creative life. Includes a chapter by acclaimed poet Mario Milosevic.   print . kindle . nook . smashwords

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First Book of Old Mermaids Tales

The_First_Book_of_Ol_Cover_for_KindleWe’ve changed the cover on this one, too!

When the old sea dries up, the Old Mermaids find themselves washed up on the new desert. These tales of the Old Mermaids remind us of the beauty all around us, even on those days when we wonder how we’ll survive, let alone thrive. Sister Ruby Rosarita Mermaid brews a magical storytelling soup to bring peace. A mysterious stranger brings the Old Mermaids an elixir to heal all. And then there’s the Tea Shell, where the Old Mermaids serve the most marvelous teas, and Sister Sophia Mermaid dispenses bits of wisdom like, “Never try to stop a wave,” “A watched pot eventually boils,” and “This is not the end of the world, it just feels like it.” The Old Mermaids support one another, love their new world, and build community with all their new human and nonhuman neighbors. You can be assured when you stop by the Tea Shell for a cup of Essence of Coyote Laughter Tea that no coyotes were harmed in the making of your brew. printkindlenooksmashwords

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The Blue Tail

The_Blue_Tail_Cover_for_KindleSame great insides, but we’ve got a new cover:

Serena Blue lives for one thing: to spend time with her boyfriend. She can’t stand the stories of the Old Mermaids her mother constantly tells, and she suspects her own family’s sanity when she learns her grandmother believes she once lived as a mermaid. Lost and unsure of where her life will lead, Serena casts about for something to believe in. When the truth of her grandmother’s past surfaces, Serena must struggle for her own survival and uncover the difference between reality and delusion.

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The Fish Wife: an Old Mermaids Novel

the fish wife cover 2014We’ve revamped The Fish Wife! Same great insides and now a fabulous new cover.

Sara O’Broin loves life in her Irish village. But when an ancient curse decrees she must be a fish wife to a man she does not love, she risks everything—including her own life—on a perilous ocean journey to the New World. Seeking to break the curse and live life on her own terms, she finds the world outside her village holds danger and wonder. With the Old Mermaids by her side, her epic quest for freedom takes her to a land and community full of mystery, magic, and a life she never expected.


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Church of the Old Mermaids


Myla Alvarez, novice, walks into the Sonoran desert near Tucson, Arizona, and begins telling stories about the Old Mermaids who were washed ashore onto the New Desert when the Old Sea dried up. In this mystical new world, they lived, created, and walked in beauty. Myla finds sustenance and meaning in their lives and stories. But she worries that Homeland Security may discover the illegal immigrants she harbors at the Old Mermaid Sanctuary. When an old friend reenters her life, Myla begins to doubt herself and the wisdom of preserving the Old Mermaid Sanctuary. Will the Old Mermaids come to her aid? Church of the Old Mermaids is a tale of redemption, love, compassion, and mystery.

Here’s what Charles de Lint has to say about Church of the Old Mermaids:

Kim often writes books I wish I’d written, but I’m more than happy to be able to sit back and simply absorb them instead. She was the author of one of my all-time favorite novels, Coyote Cowgirl. Now, with Church of the Old Mermaids, she’s the author of two. The book is brilliant.

Click the Ruby Rose tab above, or go to: printkindlenooksmashwords

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Claypot Dreamstance

claypot dreamstanceClaypot Dreamstance wanders the streets of Portland, Oregon, drawing chalk portraits on walls and sidewalks. His only question: Why did God take away his young daughter? A broken man in a cruel world, Claypot lives in crippling grief, on the verge of perpetual despair, and searches for a way back to sanity. His only tool: his incredible artistic talent. His constant fear: nothing can save him from eternal sorrow and a downward spiral to oblivion. A tale of one man’s search for meaning in a meaningless world.

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The Salmon Mysteries: A Guidebook to a Reimagining of the Eleusinian Mysteries

salmon mysteriesWe’ve reissued The Salmon Mysteries, and it has a great new cover with artwork by the amazing Joanna Powell Cobert. 

Demeter’s search for Persephone, her daughter lost in the underworld, inspired the Eleusinian Mysteries, a nine day celebration so powerful and awe-inspiring much of it remains a secret to this day. Now, in a radical reimagining of this potent and ancient story, renowned novelist and mythologist Kim Antieau updates the tale for modern sensibilities through the life cycle of a most remarkable creature: the salmon. Salmon live in two worlds: salt water and fresh water. They are shapeshifters, transformers, and finally, pilgrims searching for home. Relying on ancient sources and modern speculation, Antieau writes about what happened during the nine day celebration of the Eleusinian Mysteries and offers a template for creating your own mysteries to celebrate and honor the cycles of Nature, your community, and your life. The Salmon Mysteries is mystical inspiration and and a practical tool for transforming your life and your community. (You can find out more about this book and read the first chapter here.)

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Coma Monologues

coma monologues cover 2014

We are pleased as punch to publish Mario Milosevic’s  quirky and moving novel: The Coma Monologues. You can read what Mario says about his  novel and an excerpt here.

Here’s a summary of the novel: Gary Hawken—husband, father, civil engineer, and accomplished nerd—enjoys a good life with his family in suburban Toronto. Then a crow distracts him at a traffic signal and a truck slams into his car, knocking him into a coma. Doctors doubt he will ever regain consciousness, but Gary’s wife, Melody—English professor and determined mate—undertakes his resurrection by saturating his brain with the voices of storytellers from his past. Old friends, family members, half-forgotten teachers, mythical creatures, dead heroes, and even a few fictional characters stop by Gary’s bedside to tell the tales that will tantalize him out of his vegetative state back to the world. Is the universe made of stories? Melody believes we’re all nothing but stories, and she stakes her husband’s life on that ancient promise. print . kindle . nook . smashwords

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The Burning Artist

the burning artist coverWe are pleased to be publishing new stories by Mario Milosevic. (You can always see updates on his stories here.) We are also putting some of them in print as well as e-books. This new evocative and moving story is called “The Burning Artist.”

Franz Kafka’s final months battling tuberculosis find the author weary and miserable. When the pain becomes too much to endure, he turns to his scribbling for comfort. But Dora, the woman he loves, harbors other plans. Franz’s final work faces an epic and historic disaster even his imagination could not conjure. A tale of love, destiny, and the power of art.  (This story is available as an e-book and  also in print on Amazon.)

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Gaia Websters


gaia websters cover 2014GSP is pleased to publish the new edition of The Gaia Websters with this beautiful new cover:

In a desolate future 300 years after The Fall, Gloria Stone manages to carve out a good life for herself as her town’s healer. But when sinister forces ally against her, she must use every skill at her disposal to survive and keep her community whole. And nothing can prepare her for the ultimate shocking revelation about the nature of her world and her own being.

Earthy, sensuous, and provocative, The Gaia Websters challenges our assumptions about technology, humanity, community, love, and family. print . kindle . nook . smashwords

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Terrastina & Mazolli

t&m cover 2014Follow the everyday adventures of coffee shop owners Terrastina and Mazolli and their precocious twin daughters. Laugh and cry alongside them as they manage their business and cope with the eccentric members of their small town community. A sweet story filled with love, humor, and penguins. You’ll never look at a cup of joe the same way again. Bonus features include an interview with the author.

print • kindle • nook • smashwords

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Answering the Creative Call Cover

answering the creative call coverKim Antieau’s how-to book Answering the Creative Call is coming along nicely. We thought you’d enjoy seeing the first draft of the cover with the gorgeous art by Nancy Norman.

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On Kindle Matchbook All GSP E-Books $2.99

All of our Green Snake Publishing titles are now part of Amazon Matchbook. This means if you have bought a print copy of any of Kim’s or Mario’s GSP books, you can now get any e-book of those same titles for $2.99.

To take advantage of it, log into your Amazon account. Type “MatchBook Program” into the search box, then click on the top result. That’ll bring up the MatchBook page.

Scroll down to the button that says “Find Your Kindle MatchBook Titles.” Click on that, and you’ll see all the titles you’ve bought in hard copy that you can now buy for the kindle at discounted prices ($2.99 or less).

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Excuse our dust! For the next little while, we will be renovating our website to serve you better.

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The Monster’s Daughter

Green Snake Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Kim Antieau’s brilliant new novel, The Monster’s Daughter.

From the cover blurb:

Dr. Frankenstein’s monster has a daughter. Her name is Emily. She talks to the Weather, stops Fire, and possesses healing hands. Emily and her father move out West where even freaks of science or nature can make a life and a fortune. The West was won by the odd, the strange, and the monstrous, and Emily and her father fit the bill. One afternoon a wicked man, intent on stealing her father’s gold, kidnaps Emily. And everything changes.

You can read the first chapter here.

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Fire Sale!

We are delighted to offer Mario Milosevic’s current e-books from Green Snake Publishing for $2.99. This sale will last until Halloween. Stock up on your autumn reading, save some for winter, or use these drastic discounts as a chance to do some e-book gift giving. Enjoy!

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Under the Tucson Moon: Nine Winters in the Sonoran Desert

We are pleased to announce the publication of Kim Antieau’s collection of essays in Under the Tucson Moon: Nine Winters in the Sonoran Desert. For years, Kim delighted readers of her blog Furious Spinner before closing up shop there and continuing to post on her website’s blog. She unflinchingly writes about her struggles—and her delights. We’re sure this collection of essays from her winters in Tucson will fascinate, move, and inspire you.

Here’s from the cover:

For nine winters, writer Kim Antieau and her husband, Mario Milosevic, travelled to the Sonoran Desert. Kim wrote many novels on these retreats, including the well-loved Church of the Old Mermaids, The Fish Wife, Whackadoodle Times, and The Monster’s Daughter.

While in the desert, Kim also wrote a series of essays about borderlands: not just political borderlands, but those in-between places where creativity thrives or dies, those places profane or sacred, joyful or despairing. In her novel, The Desert Siren, Kim describes one of her characters as “a siren. She sings to the wild things, she wrangles sea horses and dust storms. She directs coyote choruses and bargains with ravens. She does not hear the call of the wild. She is the call of the wild.” Kim is a desert siren, too, only she wrangles words, instead of horses.

Enter the life of a deeply creative artist in these essays, gathered in one place for the first time, under the Tucson moon.

You can read the introduction here.

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Animal Life

alMario says: “I wanted to put together a book of my poems and started going through the ones I had written up to then, looking for good ones that would go together. It didn’t take long to see that I had many many poems about animals. I had no idea this was such an important theme for me, but I didn’t fight it. I came up with the title almost immediately after seeing the theme pop out at me. I could have made the book twice as big, with a lot more animal poems, but chose to include only the very best ones I had.” This collection contains “When I Was,” Mario’s most popular and often requested poem. People use it for religious rituals and it was dramatised on NPR’s To the Best of Our Knowledge. Mario drew the cover image myself, mimicking the look of the native petroglyphs gracing many of the rocks in the Columbia River Gorge. Available in these formats: print • kindle • nook • smashwords

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Fantasy Life

flBarbie’s retirement. A weeping Bigfoot. Gambling fairies. Love sick giants. All this and more in a book of poems exploring the fantastic side of life. This is where Mario let his imagination really run free. Unhindered by conventional notions of reality (whatever that means) he writes poems about monogamous house keys, the moon in his living room, and the secret lives of telephones. They have them, you know. When you’re not looking, they laugh at you. But don’t worry, they aren’t nasty or dangerous or anything like that. They’re just kind of melancholy with the weight of all the words they have to carry around, and they need some humor to relieve their heavy hearts. Read more about it in this volume, along with ghost stories, angels, a cosmic glutton, Pegasus, Albert Einstein, and Ray Harryhausen. Really. Available in these formats: print • kindle • nook • smashwords

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Love Life

llLove is that sobering and paradoxical state of being in which one’s own happiness depends upon the welfare of another. Mario’s third volume of poetry examines love in its many guises: familial, romantic, and Platonic. This is probably the most personal of all his books. He writes of his eternal and sustaining love for Kim. He has a poem about the fierce and caring love of his mother for him. He writes of the occasional failures of love: the time his father came looking for him, for a connection, and he did not know how to respond. We are born craving love, but we have to learn to give love, and sometimes the lessons are difficult to assimilate. The book is presented in three section: “Preliminary Observations,” “Field Work,” and “Practical Application.” These are the three stages of learning to love. As young people we see others and how they love, but do not understand. As we grow older, we begin to see how love is a force of nature. Finally, if we have been paying attention, we are ready to love others truly and well. Available in these formats: print • kindle • nook • smashwords

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The Rift

We are please to announce the publication of Kim Antieau’s latest novel, The Rift.

From the cover:

Maggie lives on the edge of Tucson where she edits technical manuals and creates medicine from desert plants…until one morning when she hears her dead dog barking, a stranger shows up in her driveway, and an unexplainable rift appears in the land, separating Maggie and her neighbors from the rest of the world.

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The Old Mermaids Book of Days and Nights: A Year and A Day Journal

We love The Old Mermaids Book of Days and Nights—filled with quotes, one for every day of the year—so much that we decided to make a companion for it: a BIG sumptuous luxurious “a year and a day” journal. This 8.5 x 11 book has the same cover as The Old Mermaids Book of Days and Nights: A Daily Guide to the Magic and Inspiration of the Old Sea, the New Desert, and Beyond, but we’ve removed the dates so you can put in your own and we’ve made one journal lined and one unlined; you can use both for journals or use one for a journal and one for sketching or mix and match. A Year and A Day is a traditional period of time set aside for study or initiation: and you can begin any time. We hope you will find these journals inspiring and beautiful. Everyone who has seen it just oohs and ahs over it. This is a perfect place to tell your own story and find your siren song.  unlined • lined

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Ruby’s Imagine

We are very pleased to announce the publication of the reprint of Ruby’s Imagine which was originally published by Houghton Mifflin. This book was inspired by what happened during Hurricane Katrina. Kim researched the event for nearly a year before writing the book. (Kim was born in Louisiana.) The FAQ and the first chapter can be found here.

From the cover:

A butterfly the color of my name did tell me that a Big Spin was coming our way. I was standing by Mr. Grant’s wisteria, which hung over his fence and down into our yard, when Ruby Butterfly, this jeweled metamorphosis of a cattypillar, landed on a bright green wisteria leaf like some kind of winged oracle and looked straight at me; we exchanged glances, you know the way liked-minded and soul-bodied creatures can. We understood each other down deep to our transfigured and transforming cellular parts, and I knew the Big Oaks had told Ruby Butterfly and now she was letting me in on the not-so-secret secret: a storm was coming.  print • kindle • nooksmashwords

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The Old Mermaids Book of Days and Nights

We are so happy, elated, ecstatic, and happy (did I say) to announce the publication of The Old Mermaids Book of Days and Nights! We found 365 quotes—one for every day of the year—from the Old Mermaids novels (and from Kim Antieau’s other novels) to create this inspirational, sometimes humorous, sometimes mystical, always mysterious collection.

From the cover: Kim Antieau guides you through a year of wisdom, humor, beauty, inspiration, and love in these daily quotes from her own writings featuring the Old Mermaids and some of the other wise and mystical characters from her books and stories. See what gifts Grand Mother Yemaya Mermaid, Sister Laughs A Lot Mermaid, Mother Star Stupendous Mermaid, Sister Sheila Na Giggle Mermaid, and others have to share with you all year long. (Cover art by Nancy Norman.) You can read some excerpts here. print • kindle • nooksmashwords

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The Desert Siren

We are pleased to announce the publication of Kim Antieau’s new novel, The Desert Siren: a novel of the borderlands. Consuelo Johnson yearned for a soul-filled life but settled for life on the family’s ranch in the Arizona borderlands. She doesn’t think about the life she could have had until her husband deserts her and leaves her broke and the ranch nearly bankrupt. In desperation, Connie searches for a band of mystical and magical wild “sea” horses her aunt Delilah believed roamed the borderlands, brought to this country by Connie’s ancestors. Aunt Delilah believed only those who had the gift, those she called sea horse sirens, could find them. Time is running out, and finding the Irish horses could be Connie’s last chance to save the land and her own life. You can read the first chapter here.


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Whackadoodle Times

We are pleased to announce the publication of Kim Antieau’s lastest novel, Whackadoodle Times. Set in California near Hollywood, Antieau’s funny and poignant novel is a tale of our times.

From the cover:

Brooke McMurphy is having one helluva week.

Brooke’s well-constructed dysfunctional life in Hollywood begins to unravel when a homeless woman comes to live with her and her family and the studio asks her to sex up her husband’s script for Zombie Town–the movie he believes will save the world. Then there’s the raging wildfires, earthquakes, and zombies, oh my! It may be just another week in Hollywood, but for Brooke, it could be the most important week of her life.

(By the way, like some of Kim’s other novels, this one is sexually explicit in places. It is an adult book, for adults. It is funny in places, too, so you might laugh out loud, so be forewarned.)

print • kindle • nook • smashwords

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Butch: A Bent Western

We are happy to announce the publication of Kim Antieau’s Butch: A Bent Western. This novel is a particular favorite of Kim’s. She started it several years ago and picked it up again last fall and finished it. She says she doesn’t like to pick favorites of her novels, but she will admit that Butch is one of her best friends. She’s lived with her for a long while, and now she’s very happy that the rest of the world will get to know Butch, too. By the way, she’s got other books planned about Butch and her compadres in Santa Tierra.

Here’s from the cover blurb:

Santa Tierra, New Mexico, 1918

Anything can happen in the weird and wonderful town of Santa Tierra where Butch McLean protects the residents of Wayward Ranch, finds lovin’ in the arms and up the skirts of her beloved Angel, and keeps one step ahead of the possibly supernatural jaguar who may or may not be stalking her. Come hell or high water, Butch will rescue any dude or damsel in distress with humor and aplomb.

But when Angel dumps her (for a man, no less), a wounded stranger stumbles into town, and the deputy is murdered, Butch may have more mysteries on her hands than even she can solve. Especially since she is suddenly plagued by memories of the terrible childhood years she spent at St. Anne’s Home for Wayward Boys. And to top it all off, she becomes obsessed with finding her prostitute mother’s suicide note.

Butch is not accustomed to being haunted by anything—and she is not interested in ruminating about her life—but now even the animals who cross her path tell her a time of reckoning is near. And when the mystery of the dead deputy leads to revelations about Butch’s own parentage, she might just have a shot at solving the greatest mystery of all: Who is she and why did her mother end up at the end of a rope?

printkindlenook • smashwords

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Fun With Vic and Jane

We are tickled (and laughing out loud) to announce Green Snake Publishing’s first book of cartoons by Kim Antieau: Fun With Vic and Jane.

Jane wants to save the world; Vic does not. Jane doesn’t understand men; Vic is man’s best friend. Jane is an angst-ridden woman; Vic is a laid back dog. Jane seeks to unleash the powers of love, compassion, and justice; Vic favors visits to the park where he can mingle with babes on leashes. Follow the hilarious adventures of Vic and Jane, an unlikely odd couple who fight the good fight, love classic movies and junk food, and are always there for each other. Even when they’re not. (comics & cartoons)


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Jewelweed Station

We are pleased to announce the publication of Kim Antieau‘s new novel, Jewelweed Station. When her beloved parents die in a carriage accident near their plantation in Virginia, 17-year-old Callie Carter comes home from France to discover her loathsome aunt and uncle have taken up residence in her home and are now her legal guardians. They treat her like a fool, so she plays the part until she can figure out how to save her home, herself, and the slaves who are now her responsibility. Everyone around Callie seems to be harboring secrets, and she cannot tell who is friend or foe—including her childhood friend, the mysterious Dr. Benjamin Sawyer. One day she discovers a secret passage in her family mansion, and she offers her home as a stop on the underground railroad. Can she outsmart her nefarious relatives or will one more family secret destroy Callie and everything she knows and loves?

Jewelweed Station is the literary grandchild of Gone With the Wind and The Scarlet Pimpernel with Scarlet O’Hara and the Scarlet Pimpernel both embodied in Callie Carter who becomes a hero for her time—and ours.


print • kindle • nook • smashwords

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Tales Fabulous and Fairy

We are pleased to announce the publication of Kim Antieau’s Tales Fabulous and Fairy, a collection of some of her most loved stories. This is from the cover: Enter the enchanting and exotic world of Kim Antieau’s imagination in these eight stories inspired by classic folk and fairy tales. This collection includes the following stories: The Foundling, Seeing Pink, Briar Rose, Dragon Pearl, Rose Red and Snow White, The Señorita and the Cactus Thorn, The Raven Sisters, and A Strange Attractor.

print • kindle • nook • smashwords

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Entangled Realities

We are tickled to announce the publication of a joint venture by Green Snake Publishing authors Kim Antieau and Mario Milosevic. They’ve wanted to collaborate for years, and they decided this collection was a good way to start. Inside this book, you’ll find some of their best short stories: fantastical, sad, strange, and poignant.

From the cover: Short story masters Kim Antieau and Mario Milosevic combine their talents in this extraordinary collection of fantastic tales. These stories originally appeared in Asimov’s SF, Twilight Zone Magazine, Shadows, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Interzone, and The Clarion Awards. Included are: “Hauntings,” “Sanctuary,” and “Listening for the General” by Kim, and “Up Above the World So High,” “Winding Broomcorn,” and “The Untied States of America,” by Mario.

print • kindle • nook • smashwords

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Green Snake Publishing is tickled to announce the publication of Mario Milosevic’s extraordinary short-short story collection Miniatures. Mario is a master of flash fiction and the weird and wonderful. In Miniatures, the reader will find the weird and wonderful in flash fiction and other very short stories.

Mario wrote an entire novel (Terrastina & Mazolli) in 99-word chapters. For several years he had a blog (Conditional Reality) where he wrote posts that were 100-words long. Now we have collected some of Mario’s best for Miniatures. None of the stories are longer than 2,500 words, and the shortest is 50 words long. Readers will find stories about robots, people barbequeing time, Terrastina and Mazolli and the twins, ghosts, and much much more.

From the cover: Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway bet his fellow writers at the Algonquin Round Table that he could write a complete short story in six words. The other writers ponied up ten bucks each, and Papa claimed the pot with possibly the saddest six words ever written: “For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.”

In this collection, Mario Milosevic offers 41 of his own very short stories. By turns funny, fantastic, witty, fabulous, and poignant, none are as brief as six words, but they all pack a punch and are guaranteed to intrigue, amuse, and move.

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Swans in Winter

swans in winter

Green Snake Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Kim Antieau’s novel Swans in Winter.

This is from the cover: India Lake’s soul mate just might be Benjamin Swan, the mysterious photographer taking pictures of her beloved swans at Turtle Pond. But Benjamin harbors secrets and when a shadowy lumber company threatens Turtle Pond, India doesn’t know who to trust. With grit and determination (and a little help from her friends), India stands up for the wild in this soaring tale of friendship and hope in a crusade to save the land India loves.  printkindlenooksmashwords

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Her Frozen Wild

We are proud to announce the publication of Kim Antieau’s newest novel Her Frozen Wild. You can find the FAQ along with the first chapter a here. Kim will be on a virtual book tour with Her Frozen Wild in March and April. We’ll post details as we get them. Here’s the cover copy:
Scientists in the Altai in Siberia uncover the 2,500 year old frozen mummy of a tattooed priestess. This mummy has the same genetic material as American archaeologist Ursula Smith whose mother disappeared in Siberia 30 years earlier. Ursula travels from the U.S. to Siberia to unravel the mystery of the “lady” and meets Sergei Ivanovich Polyakov, a Russian doctor who graciously invites her into his home. After they become lovers, she discovers Sergei has the same tattoos on his body as the tattooed lady. He tells a disbelieving Ursula that they have met before and she is destined to save the ancient People, considered as devils by some and shape-changing gods by others. A shaman takes Ursula to one of the sacred timeless caves where Ursula’s mother vanished. When Ursula allows the shaman to tattoo her, she is thrown back in time where she must unlock the mystery of the People and their link to her past in order to save them and Sergei—even if it costs her her life. printkindle . nook . smashwords
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Kyle’s War

Mario Milosevic’s provocative new teen novel, Kyle’s War, is now available in print and for e-readers. Mario always has a fresh perspective on just about everything; this time he tackles the effects of government repression on a young boy:

In a near-future America plagued by fear and repression, a young man must choose between violence and hope.

Kyle lives a typical teen’s life in Cedar Falls, Washington, with his Canadian expatriate parents who commit their lives to free expression. After Kyle’s parents display paintings at their art gallery that depict the president as a terrorist and mass murderer, the feds shut down the gallery and brutally arrest Kyle’s parents for subversive activities.

Kyle’s life spins out of control. How will he survive without his parents? He tracks his days in various notebooks, grasping for some way to understand his crumbling world.

Meanwhile, the president lowers the draft age to sixteen. Teens all over the country will soon be dodging bullets in the Middle East where Chinese and American soldiers regularly exchange shots and mortar fire in skirmishes over the region’s natural resources. Kyle needs to learn to fight and defend himself or he will die.

He receives a smuggled message from his mother instructing him to go to north. A secret network helps him escape to Canada where he soon discovers his own family harbors a horrific and violent secret that will make Kyle question everything he thought he knew about loyalty, war, love, and peace.


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The Doctor and the Clown

Happy autumnal equinox! We’ve got a present for you: Mario Milosevic’s new and unconventional novel, The Doctor and the Clown. There’s an ice storm. Two passengers are stranded on a bus: a doctor who lost his passion for medicine long ago and a clown who no longer cares about being funny. The storm lasts well past the midnight hour, and the world may choose this night to come to its end.

Here it is in print. Kindle, nook, smashwords

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An Old Mermaid Journal

An affordable and bound version of An Old Mermaid Journal is now available on Amazon. Here’s the description from the Amazon page: “This journal may or may not be based on the original journal of one or more of the Old Mermaids living in the Old Mermaids Sanctuary. The legend goes that whatever anyone draws or writes on these pages brings healing, joy, and magic into the world and into the life of the person who owns the journal. This journal has blank and lined pages and quotes from Church of the Old Mermaids, a novel by Kim Antieau.” I love using these journals myself! (You can also download the PDF here in case you want to copy it out yourself and put it in a notebook.)
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The Jigsaw Woman

This brilliant and original tale relates one extraordinary woman’s fantastic and universal journey of self-discovery. Keelie is created from the bodies of three different women to be a plaything for her doctor. Not satisfied with the life given to her, she sets out to find one of her own, embarking upon an amazing quest that will bring her closer to the reality of her incredible heritage. Guided by the counsel of the mercurial goddess Eriskegal, she uncovers pain and healing, love and anger, and the primordial truths that lie buried deep within each of us. From matriarchal times to violent witch hunts to battles in the Amazon jungle, Keelie spirals through epic distortions of history and magic, finding that her salvation lies not only in the promise of the future but in the lessons learned in the past.

By turns, erotic, mystical, hilarious and horrific, The Jigsaw Woman is a fabulous blending of the sensuous and the profound. Steeped in mythology yet told with a fresh modern voice, Keelie’s struggle to re-member her true self is a dynamic new fable for lovers of folklore, myth, and fantasy. (This edition has a new afterword by the author. You can find more information about The Jigsaw Woman and read the first chapter here.) printkindlenooksmashwords

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Some people are born with a birthmark, but everyone has a deathmark, eventually.

16-year-old Michael and his mother have been running from the Shadow Woman for as long as Michael can remember. Every time they begin to settle in somewhere, the Shadow Woman shows up and people start to die. Now Michael and his mother are hiding out in Portland, Oregon, and he doesn’t want to leave. He has made friends his own age, Bobbie and Jules. And then there’s young Sam, who has a dirty yellow glow around his body that no one can see except Michael. He’s seen this glow before: around the man who died in the alley outside their home in Phoenix and around Melissa, as a truck came barreling toward her. Michael had been able to save her, and she was convinced he was some kind of angel. Now people around him are beginning to die again, and he wonders if he’s a mark of death for everything and everyone he loves. (You can find out more about this book and read the first chapter here.)

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Coyote Cowgirl

Jeanne Les Flambeaux is the underachiever in her very accomplished restaurateur family. No one ever expected her to amount anything, so she hasn’t. When her lover, Johnny, steals the family jewels, Jeanne must find him and the jewels before her family discovers their loss. Fortunately she’s aided in her task by Crane, a talking crystal skull who only speaks to her. Together they embark on a wild and wacky journey across the Great American Southwest. To complicate matters, single women are mysteriously disappearing throughout the Southwestern states. As Jeanne stalks Johnny, is she being stalked by someone or something? (This edition has a new afterword by the author. You can find more information about Coyote Cowgirl and read the first chapter here.)

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The Last Giant

The always surprising Mario Milosevic recently offered us a marvelous coming-of-age fantasy novel called The Last Giant. We snapped it up immediately and put it into production and we are now ready to bring it to our readers through our Ruby Rose imprint.  When we read the manuscript we were struck by Mario’s simple and direct language in telling his story of Firefly, a young woman in a society dominated by giants. One morning one of those giants apparently kidnaps Firefly’s mother and takes her up on the plateau. Firefly wastes no time in going up to that dangerous realm to attempt her mother’s rescue, but what she finds there will change her forever.

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A Peek Into the Creative Process

Mario Milosevic has wanted to write a story about Flatland for years. He’s made several attempts, but has come up short each time. In his re-issued essay “Why I Still Have Not Written My Flatland Story” he details his experiences in wrestling with this popular theme and asks if some tales might not be better as imagined stories rather than ones actually written down. The piece is memoir, essay, story, and penetrating inquiry wrapped up into a compelling read. Read it on the e-book device of your choice or on your computer now at smashwords.

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Locus likes “Untied States of America”

Lois Tilton, who does the short fiction reviews at Locus, singled out Mario Milosevic’s short story “The Untied States of America” as one of the best of the year. The story originally appeared in the British magazine Interzone, which is not easy to find, especially considering the fact that the issue is sold out. Fortunately the crack team here at Green Snake Publishing has already produced an electronic edition of “Untied States,” which you can find here and here.

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We’ve now got three of Kim Antieau’s Entanglements available for downloading to your e-devices or onto your computer. “Briar Rose” first appeared in the World Fantasy Award winning anthology Metahorror. It also appeared in The Year’s Best Horror Stories: 21, Daughters of Nyx, and Journal of Mythic Arts.  “Another Country” was published in Science Fiction Age. This is “Seeing Pink’s” first time on the publishing stage. Click on the Entanglements tab above to see how you can download these terrific short stories.

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Get Entangled

“Briar Rose,” our first Kim Antieau e-book, is now available for the kindle, the nook, and most other e-readers through Smashwords. Click on the “Entanglements” tab above. More from Kim coming soon.

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