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Mario and I were talking about our books last night. It was so much fun (for me) that I put them in the form of questions, and we answered them all over again. I have NEVER been able to get Mario to pick a favorite book of mine UNTIL TODAY. Ha!

Questions to Mario Milosevic:

What’s your favorite book written by you?

 Terrastina and Mazolli: A Novel in 99-Word Episodes. (T&M) I loved the form and wrote a chapter a day and sent it to Kim each morning for her to read.

What book do people tell you they like the most?

T & M. People say it is charming and not like anything else they have ever read.

Which book was the most fun to write?

 Terrastina and Mazolli. The characters were so much fun to be around.

Which book was the hardest to write?

None of the published ones were particularly hard. I did try writing a book about people building an epic wall. That one was so hard I never finished it.

Which of your books is the strangest?

Probably The Coma Monologues. A bunch of real and imagined people and creatures and a building, all talking to a guy in a coma.

Which of your books do you wish more people read?

Labor Days is my favorite neglected book. It’s a series of very short tales about people and their jobs. A lot of the tales pack a powerful punch. 

What is your overall goal when writing a book?

To have fun and to bring my vision of the book to fruition.

Which do you like to write best: poetry, short stories, or novels? Why?

Short Stories. It’s my favorite form to read and to write. It creates a world in a few pages. That is a marvelous thing to do.

What is your favorite book by Kim Antieau?

There are so many good ones, but probably Whackadoodle Times, which is both a lot of fun and gut wrenching all at the same time. It is awe-inspiring.

What book would she say was her favorite book of yours?

I’m going to guess Terrastina and Mazolli.



Questions to Kim Antieau:

What’s your favorite book written by you?

That’s so difficult to say. I think Ruby’s Imagine is the most beautiful, along with Monster’s Daughter. And Queendom is probably my best book. The book I’m probably most amazed that I’ve written is The Salmon Mysteries. Every time I read it, I am amazed and moved. I felt like I was in a kind of trance when I wrote it. And Whackadoodle Times, well, I cried so much writing that—and I never laughed so hard. So clearly…I can’t answer that question. Probably Whackadoodle Times was the most moving, along with Whackadoodle Times Two. So I’ll pick that one!

What book do people tell you they like the most?

Coyote Cowgirl and The Church of the Old Mermaids. Although someone stopped in the street once and said I was responsible for them spitting their coffee across the table when they were reading Whackadoodle Times because they were laughing so hard. And many people have written to me to say that The Jigsaw Woman changed their lives.

Which book was the most fun to write?

Whackadoodle Times.

Which book was the hardest to write?

Hmmm. You know, I started Butch and Whackadoodle Times about five years before I completed them. I wrote the beginnings to both and loved them so much that I thought I could never make the rest of the books that good. But then I finally got over that. Probably the hardest books to write are those that have never seen the light of day.

Which of your books is the most underrated or the one you wish more people would read?

All of them! I can’t pick one. Monster’s Daughter and Queendom: Feast of the Saints. Monster’s Daughter is about the daughter of Frankenstein’s Monster. She and her father live in California after her father escaped England. That book is very dear to me, and it’s not like anything anyone else has done. And I think Queendom is just amazing. I’m so proud of what I did in that book. And come on: Butch should be famous. She is so cool. I love her. I think I would be her if I lived back then in Santa Tierra, just like I’d be Brooke if I were rich and lived in Hollywood (from Whackadoodle Times) or Gloria after the busidoms fall (The Gaia Websters)

What is your overall goal when writing a book?

To save myself and the world.

Which do you like to write best: nonfiction, short stories, or novels? Why?

Novels. Nonfiction is hard. Short stories are hard. Novels are easy, for the most part, for me. I am a born novelist, I think. I can create a world and live in it for a while. I enjoy that.

What is your favorite book by Mario Milosevic?

Terrastina and Mazolli is my favorite, but it’s one of my favorite books of all time. I also love Mario’s poetry books. I love Animal Life in particular. “When I Was” is my favorite poem of all time, and Mario wrote that (for me, actually), and it’s in Animal Life. I really enjoy The Last Giant and The Coma Monologues, too. Mario has a very strange sensibility. I think it’s because he’s Eastern European. When I read fiction by other people from that part of the world, it has a similar strange quality. And he does these short shorts that are just amazing. (Best flash fiction writer ever.) I love Miniatures and Labor Days which are both books made up of short pieces. Miniatures has a variety of pieces from 50 words to 2,000 words (but nothing over that). Labor Days contains 100 tales of employment all 100 words long. Mario can do more in a few words than I can do in thousands of words.

What book would he say was his favorite book of yours?

He has never said which was his favorite book, so I wouldn’t have guessed Whackadoodle Times. Finally: I got him to crack.

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