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Kyle’s War

Mario Milosevic’s provocative new teen novel, Kyle’s War, is now available in print and for e-readers. Mario always has a fresh perspective on just about everything; this time he tackles the effects of government repression on a young boy: In a near-future America plagued by fear and repression, a young […]

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The Doctor and the Clown

Happy autumnal equinox! We’ve got a present for you: Mario Milosevic’s new and unconventional novel, The Doctor and the Clown. There’s an ice storm. Two passengers are stranded on a bus: a doctor who lost his passion for medicine long ago and a clown who no longer cares about being […]

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An Old Mermaid Journal

An affordable and bound version of An Old Mermaid Journal is now available on Amazon. Here’s the description from the Amazon page: “This journal may or may not be based on the original journal of one or more of the Old Mermaids living in the Old Mermaids Sanctuary. The legend […]

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The Jigsaw Woman

This brilliant and original tale relates one extraordinary woman’s fantastic and universal journey of self-discovery. Keelie is created from the bodies of three different women to be a plaything for her doctor. Not satisfied with the life given to her, she sets out to find one of her own, embarking […]

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Some people are born with a birthmark, but everyone has a deathmark, eventually. 16-year-old Michael and his mother have been running from the Shadow Woman for as long as Michael can remember. Every time they begin to settle in somewhere, the Shadow Woman shows up and people start to die. […]

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Coyote Cowgirl

Jeanne Les Flambeaux is the underachiever in her very accomplished restaurateur family. No one ever expected her to amount anything, so she hasn’t. When her lover, Johnny, steals the family jewels, Jeanne must find him and the jewels before her family discovers their loss. Fortunately she’s aided in her task […]

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The Last Giant

The always surprising Mario Milosevic recently offered us a marvelous coming-of-age fantasy novel called The Last Giant. We snapped it up immediately and put it into production and we are now ready to bring it to our readers through our Ruby Rose imprint.  When we read the manuscript we were […]

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A Peek Into the Creative Process

Mario Milosevic has wanted to write a story about Flatland for years. He’s made several attempts, but has come up short each time. In his re-issued essay “Why I Still Have Not Written My Flatland Story” he details his experiences in wrestling with this popular theme and asks if some […]

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Lois Tilton, who does the short fiction reviews at Locus, singled out Mario Milosevic’s short story “The Untied States of America” as one of the best of the year. The story originally appeared in the British magazine Interzone, which is not easy to find, especially considering the fact that the […]

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We’ve now got three of Kim Antieau’s Entanglements available for downloading to your e-devices or onto your computer. “Briar Rose” first appeared in the World Fantasy Award winning anthology Metahorror. It also appeared in The Year’s Best Horror Stories: 21, Daughters of Nyx, and Journal of Mythic Arts.  “Another Country” was published in […]

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Get Entangled

“Briar Rose,” our first Kim Antieau e-book, is now available for the kindle, the nook, and most other e-readers through Smashwords. Click on the “Entanglements” tab above. More from Kim coming soon.

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Our First Ebooks

Click the Conditional Realities tab to see our first ebook offerings, short stories by a terrific writer named Mario Milosevic.

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Green Snake Publishing is riding the wave of a publishing revolution. New technology makes it possible for us to bring our electronic and print editions directly to readers. For writers, this means freedom to innovate. For readers, this means unprecedented access to unique voices and wonderful storytellers. Not to mention lower prices. Click the tabs to see what we have for your reading revolution.

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