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wt2 coverGreen Snake Publishing is pleased to present Whackadoodle Times Two, the sequel to the popular Whackadoodle Times. Kim has brought back the outrageous Brooke McMurphy—legendary screenwriter of Love and Other Insanities and Beauty and the Zombie—and her entire family and crew.

From the cover:  Following the success of her megahit film Beauty and the Zombie, Hollywood screenwriter Brooke McMurphy’s life once again spirals out of control. In the course of 48 hours, she’s involved in a robbery, juggles multiple blackmailers, gets advice from a freaked out wild seal, and, oh yeah, is up against a deadline for the sequel to the most successful zombie movie of all time. Which she hasn’t started. All while trying to stay sober. Throw in a homegrown natural disaster, and you’ve got the makings for a sure-fire hit sequel any producer would be a fool not to green-light.

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