Labor Days

Labor Days

Acclaimed poet and novelist Mario Milosevic offers 100 sharp tales of employment—each exactly 100 words long. Sometimes shocking, sometimes poignant, but always enlightening and entertaining, these narratives bare the souls of laborers doing what they have to do to make

The Blue Tail

Serena Blue lives for one thing: to spend time with her boyfriend. She can’t stand the stories of the Old Mermaids her mother constantly tells, and she suspects her own family’s sanity when she learns her grandmother believes she once lived as a

Love Life

Love is that sobering and paradoxical state of being in which one’s own happiness depends upon the welfare of another. Mario’s third volume of poetry examines love in its many guises: familial, romantic, and Platonic. This is probably the most


Green Snake Publishing is tickled to announce the publication of Mario Milosevic’s extraordinary short-short story collection Miniatures. Mario is a master of flash fiction and the weird and wonderful. In Miniatures, the reader will find the weird and wonderful in


Some people are born with a birthmark, but everyone has a deathmark, eventually. 16-year-old Michael and his mother have been running from the Shadow Woman for as long as Michael can remember. Every time they begin to settle in somewhere,


We’ve now got three of Kim Antieau’s Entanglements available for downloading to your e-devices or onto your computer. “Briar Rose” first appeared in the World Fantasy Award winning anthology Metahorror. It also appeared in The Year’s Best Horror Stories: 21, Daughters of