Green Snake Publishing is excited to announce the publication of Answering the Creative Call, Kim Antieau’s wonderful new guide to cultivating the creative life. Part memoir, part how-to, all motivation, this book on creativity is more than a decade in the making. Kim believes everyone is creative, and this book distills her advice on how to nurture that creativity. Kim is a lifelong creativity whisperer, as it were. She has worked as a writer, editor, publisher, permaculturist, photographer, artist, art show curator, public art creator, and more. Her life is all about stepping into the creative flow and going with that flow. In addition, Mario Milosevic has a fabulous chapter on his foolproof writing practice. (Cover art by Nancy Norman.)

From the back cover:

Most of us hear the call to create. We write, cook, paint, make music, garden, or pursue some other creative endeavor. But sometimes our will falters. We lose motivation or become overly critical of our efforts. We abandon our projects or never start them in the first place.

Kim Antieau understands the will to create. She writes books, curates art shows, takes photographs, sculpts clay, and produces public art. In these pages she distills the wisdom of her years spent in creative pursuits.

This inspiring book shows you how to set the stage for your creativity and get your mind right. Kim reveals the secrets of perseverance and cultivating a can-do attitude.

With practical advice on how to get started and how to keep going, this luminous book will enhance all aspects of your creative life. Includes a chapter by acclaimed poet Mario Milosevic.   print . kindle . nook . smashwords

Answering the Creative Call