A step-by-step guide to constructing a replica of the Chartres labyrinth in own backyard. With detailed diagrams, instructive photos, and easy to follow directions. Everything you need to create a sacred space you will return to again and again. Labyrinths figure in cultures the world over as tools for contemplation, as metaphors for pilgrimages, and, some believe, as a way to gain access to other realms. The recent resurgence of interest in labyrinths has prompted many to construct their own versions. In this instructive and concise guide, novelists Kim Antieau and Mario Milosevic use their own experience creating a labyrinth to guide you in making yours. Using the famed 11-circuit labyrinth at the Chartres Cathedral in France as their model, the authors break down the building process into easy-to-understand steps. From acquiring the most useful tools and building materials to taking that first mystic walk on your completed labyrinth, this guide shows you best practices and easy tricks, all designed to take you from blank slate to a finished design with ease and joy. You can get it through Amazon here or through any of your favorite bookstores.

Kim and Mario Build a Labyrinth and So Can You