The enigmatic Mario Milosevic has out a new enigmatic book. And we are grateful. We are sure you will be amazed, mystified, baffled, and/or giggly by the end of it. Here is how we attempt to describe Mostly Invisible on the cover:

Like icebergs, some stories hold their mysteries submerged beneath the surface. Poet and novelist Mario Milosevic conjures a cornucopia of such tales, presenting 2,002 opening sentences paired with 2,002 closing sentences, bridged by a brief universal middle section that either muddies the waters or makes everything as clear as ice. A mad storyteller’s fever dream, Mostly Invisible doubles Scheherazade’s iconic 1,001 nights and pours forth a kaleidoscopic cavalcade of thrills, romance, mystery, adventure, fantasy, and intrigue. Echoing much of the mystery of life, the bulk of these stories lurk hidden from view, but come alive in the imaginations of readers willing to take a journey to the outer edges of storytelling. 

You can find it on Amazon here.

Mostly Invisible