The Old Mermaids Oracle guidebook which was originally only available to novices of The Old Mermaids Mystery School is now available to all. This small guidebook is for your use once you make your own set of oracles. Or you can use the book itself as the oracle by asking a question and flipping the pages until you stop on an Old Mermaid entry.

From the cover: When the Old Sea dried up, the Old Mermaids found themselves in the New Desert where they learned to survive and thrive in a strange environment. Now they bring their wisdom and sea smarts to you in The Old Mermaids Oracle, a practical tool for navigating life’s ever-changing circumstances. The Old Mermaids Oracle will draw you into the enchanting universe of the Old Mermaids and help you see the world in the Old Mermaids Way. (These characters are based on ones in Kim’s well-loved novel Church of the Old Mermaids.)

The Old Mermaids Oracle
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