It’s that time of year again. Time to stock up on the Old Mermaids Sanctuary Calendar.

The 2022 edition again features an extraordinary photo by Kim each month, highlighting the beautiful animals, plants, and landscapes of the Sonoran desert and The Sanctuary. Enjoy a year-long visit at The Old Mermaids Sanctuary, Kim’s creative oasis in the desert where she wrote and set her popular novel Church of the Old Mermaids.

The Old Mermaids Sanctuary Calendar features a few special days inspired by the wisdom of Sister Sheila Na Giggles Mermaid, Sister Ruby Rosarita Mermaid, Mother Star Stupendous Mermaid, and all the Old Mermaids. This calendar is for all who delight in Nature and look for beauty and meaning throughout the year 2022.

(You can order prints of each month at Kim’s photography site:

The Calendar is available from here.

The Old Mermaids Sanctuary Calendar 2022