We are delighted to announce the publication of The Salmon Mysteries Workbook: Reimagining the Eleusinian Mysteries. Ever since Kim Antieau wrote The Salmon Mysteries, she has wanted to put out a workbook. At long last, here it is! It has the complete text from the original book (with some tweaks), along with new art and writing prompts and spaces and places to create.

From the book:

“What was it like to grow up in a culture where the divine was considered female? What was it like to gaze at signs of life—the goddess, creativity, and fertility—when you worshipped? What was it like to share this incredible experience of the Goddess with your entire community? Did it reverberate through your whole divine body, shaking joy and love and faith into every cell, into your soul?

“I believe it did.”

The Salmon Mysteries Workbook