More than ten years in the making, and just in time for summer reading, Green Snake Publishing has just released the complete Whackadoodle Times trilogy, all 668 pages, in one volume. Here are the complete adventures of Brooke McMurphy, the screenwriting genius behind all those Beauty and the Zombie movies that have taken the world by storm. Brooke is a no-nonsense plain-speaking creative force of nature who lives a life even more fantastic and crazy than her movies. She is also about the funniest best friend you will find anywhere. This volume collects Whackadoodle Times, Whackadoodle Times Two, and Whackadoodle Times Three and includes a juicy afterword by Kim in which she tells where the WT books came from and what it took to put Brooke and her exploits onto the page. Get your copy now and settle in for a good long beach read even if you can’t get to the beach or don’t even want to. Get your copy wherever paperbacks or ebooks are sold. Here’s the Amazon link: Whackadoodle Times Galore.

Whackadoodle Times Galore