Whackadoodle TimesSet in California near Hollywood, Antieau’s funny and poignant novel is a tale of our times.

From the cover:

Brooke McMurphy is having one helluva week.

Brooke’s well-constructed dysfunctional life in Hollywood begins to unravel when a homeless woman comes to live with her and her family and the studio asks her to sex up her husband’s script for Zombie Town–the movie he believes will save the world. Then there’s the raging wildfires, earthquakes, and zombies, oh my! It may be just another week in Hollywood, but for Brooke, it could be the most important week of her life.

(By the way, like some of Kim’s other novels, this one is sexually explicit in places. It is an adult book, for adults. It is funny in places, too, so you might laugh out loud, so be forewarned.)

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Whackadoodle Times