Certified_Cover_for_KindleGreen Snake Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Kim Antieau’s new nonfiction book: Certified: Learning to Repair Myself and the World in the Emerald City.  In the spring of 2010, Kim decided to go back to school to acquire some new skills to be more effective in the world. She already had a Master’s degree in the Arts and a Master’s degree in Library Science. She wanted to learn how to help her community in more concrete ways, so she decided to get a graduate certificate in sustainable food systems and permaculture design. She learned a lot more than she bargained for. Here’s from the cover:

What happens when a weary but still dedicated activist and defender of the environment decides to change her tactics and learn a new way?

Acclaimed author Kim Antieau returns to school in Seattle to learn sustainable food systems and permaculture design. She plans to bring her knowledge back to her community and continue the good fight.

But something happens on the way to getting her certificate. She learns about herself, the world, and her place in it. And it’s nothing she ever expected.

Join Kim as she recounts her adventures and misadventures, her hits and misses, her ups and downs, on the road to getting certified.

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