This brilliant and original tale relates one extraordinary woman’s fantastic and universal journey of self-discovery. Keelie is created from the bodies of three different women to be a plaything for her doctor. Not satisfied with the life given to her, she sets out to find one of her own, embarking upon an amazing quest that will bring her closer to the reality of her incredible heritage. Guided by the counsel of the mercurial goddess Eriskegal, she uncovers pain and healing, love and anger, and the primordial truths that lie buried deep within each of us. From matriarchal times to violent witch hunts to battles in the Amazon jungle, Keelie spirals through epic distortions of history and magic, finding that her salvation lies not only in the promise of the future but in the lessons learned in the past.

By turns, erotic, mystical, hilarious and horrific, The Jigsaw Woman is a fabulous blending of the sensuous and the profound. Steeped in mythology yet told with a fresh modern voice, Keelie’s struggle to re-member her true self is a dynamic new fable for lovers of folklore, myth, and fantasy. (This edition has a new afterword by the author. You can find more information about The Jigsaw Woman and read the first chapter here.) print • kindle • nook • smashwords