We have four different kinds of Old Mermaids journals for you to chose from.

You can get these 8.5 x 11 journals, lined or unlined, and they have all the quotes from The Old Mermaids Books of Days and Nights.

We love The Old Mermaids Book of Days and Nights—filled with quotes, one for every day of the year—so much that we decided to make a companion for it: a BIG sumptuous luxurious “a year and a day” journal. This 8.5 x 11 book has the same cover as The Old Mermaids Book of Days and Nights: A Daily Guide to the Magic and Inspiration of the Old Sea, the New Desert, and Beyond, but we’ve removed the dates so you can put in your own and we’ve made one journal lined and one unlined; you can use both for journals or use one for a journal and one for sketching or mix and match. A Year and A Day is a traditional period of time set aside for study or initiation: and you can begin any time. We hope you will find these journals inspiring and beautiful. Everyone who has seen it just oohs and ahs over it. This is a perfect place to tell your own story and find your siren song.  unlined • lined

Here’s is our classic: An Old Mermaid Journal. This is still my favorite!

An affordable and bound version of An Old Mermaid Journal is now available on Amazon. Here’s the description from the Amazon page: “This journal may or may not be based on the original journal of one or more of the Old Mermaids living in the Old Mermaids Sanctuary. The legend goes that whatever anyone draws or writes on these pages brings healing, joy, and magic into the world and into the life of the person who owns the journal. This journal has blank and lined pages and quotes from Church of the Old Mermaids, a novel by Kim Antieau.” I love using these journals myself! (You can also download the PDF here in case you want to copy it out yourself and put it in a notebook.)