We are very pleased to announce the publication of the reprint of Ruby’s Imagine which was originally published by Houghton Mifflin. This book was inspired by what happened during Hurricane Katrina. Kim researched the event for nearly a year before writing the book. (Kim was born in Louisiana.) The FAQ and the first chapter can be found here.

From the cover:

A butterfly the color of my name did tell me that a Big Spin was coming our way. I was standing by Mr. Grant’s wisteria, which hung over his fence and down into our yard, when Ruby Butterfly, this jeweled metamorphosis of a cattypillar, landed on a bright green wisteria leaf like some kind of winged oracle and looked straight at me; we exchanged glances, you know the way liked-minded and soul-bodied creatures can. We understood each other down deep to our transfigured and transforming cellular parts, and I knew the Big Oaks had told Ruby Butterfly and now she was letting me in on the not-so-secret secret: a storm was coming.  print • kindle • nook •smashwords